Happy Grass Farmers

I can't tell you how proud and happy I am to be raising grass-fed animals. The more I read, the happier I become too! Right now I'm reading Pasture Perfect by Jo Robinson (highly recommend her books). It just brings it all home for me. As does reading Chickens in the Road or Dirty Life. I suggest all of these (and so many more) for those of you who are interested in homesteading. Dirty Life actually changed my life (almost overnight). She's a great writer—their farm is in Essex, NY. There will be more on grass fed and the whole industry when I write MY book. Just wait! I just might. Our guys are treated with big love, get the best grass available year round, and live a nice life. I think, if they were out in the wild, they might not do as well. In pic below, Eighties leads the crew to the northern fields last summer.