The Farm...goes along

A very beautiful place. How Magic! I have big gratitude :)

A very beautiful place. How Magic! I have big gratitude :)

This past week’s been a hard one, but we roll along. I am so grateful for the resilience of my farm family: the sheep, chickens and ducks who withstood the bitter cold—and the dogs and cats who nursed me through hypothermia and a mysteriously e-coli-like bug. I smell spring in the air!!! :) yesssssssssss And I enjoy the now. You? xoxoxo with love love and more love…

The Ever Turning...


This is a page from my journal—written around 1998. Some things do not change. Well, yes, I don't have a pond anymore, but garden more...and my children are no longer living with me—so are in their own homes. I have not blogged much from here because I've been focusing on two new sites and adventures—with more to come. Please check out and My blogs are on MagicOma—where they've been landing since October 1 of 2017. I'm not sure where the site will go, but it's a labor of love—and I've waited years to collaborate and launch. is "me"—so take a look if you please. The farm is sleepy animal-wise. We sold last year...and are still here—but most of the animals are not (long and sad story). We do have lamb, ewe and mutton for sale. :) xo to all. I miss you. Serena

Wheel of the Year, Spring to Summer Flowers


The property here at the farm is so amazing: bounty of herbs, grasses and flowers ... beautiful views. I am so lucky. The first year I went to "herb school" was with Sandra Loray at Mandala Botanicals. It was a life-changing commitment. In those months, I became friends with the wild here on my property—things I had never known, paused for, or understood: the volunteer herbs and wildflowers—as well as those perennials and trees planted by folks before me (1798!). Above...the roses, peony, lupines... Before that, tulip, lilac, honeysuckle. So much bounty. I watch this land through the seasons, with honor. Thank you!!

Nettles!—Last chance for the most nutritious harvest


Nettles are one of my most favorite herbs—ever. Super nourishing, wholesome, empowering and ... just ... WOW ... full of good. They grow wild here—all over the place. Not easy to harvest as they are prickly—but scoop up a pair of rose pruning gloves (with the long "sleeves") and it's easy and super worth while. I have clipped and harvested for the past two months. They are now going to seed—and some herbalists advise, at this point, to be careful for kidney health. I clip away any seed pods at this late harvest. Just clip the leaves, steam as you would any leafy green—and enjoy! Also, keep the lush, deep, green juice (left after the steam) for a power potion. Google "nettle nutrition" and you'll be inspired. I bow to the nettles! p.s., my trick to steaming the yummiest is to add liquid aminos (Braggs). 

Pie Cherries!


This is the seventh year we've lived here. When we first arrived, we bought a few fruit trees—and then I gifted my partner a few more: We have pears, plums and cherries in this "orchard." We also have five apple trees, currents, elderberries, raspberries, strawberries. Lucky. Yesterday, I harvested tons and tons of these lovely pie cherries. In past years, I've made jellies and jams, but this year I'm making and freezing tarts and pies for winter bounty and joy. JOY!