See what folks are saying about our eggs, lamb, veggies, tinctures and such...and how we take care…to take care.

You have a way with them—and have worked hard to get them where they are. They are a healthy and lovely herd.
— Alison Cornwall
Wow.. just, wow! Omigosh. You’ve surpassed anything I could have dreamed of with your incredible kindness. Thank you SO much! The package arrived today. I posted a picture on Instagram. Everything is just so lovely! I wish I lived in Vermont! You wouldn’t be able to get rid of me. I can’t wait to try everything.

Truly, you’re way too generous and I’m so grateful to receive this beautiful package this holiday season. It was blessed and very well-timed.
— B. W., California
Your eggs are the BEST! I don’t know what it is...but they are THE BEST.
— Karla Joy
It is always a joy to share your produce and products. I love seeing the land come back—the the old farm thrive again.
— N. Sargent
Thank you for your positive energy, eggs, jam, company, and motivation. Can’t thank you enough.
— C.M.
Last year’s lamb was the best I ever had! Looking forward to another. Thank you very much!”
— Ron Snider
My husband has been a chef for 50 years. We bought a whole lamb this year and he says it’s truly the best he’s every had. Thank you!
— S.K. Waitsfield, VT
The lamb is fabulous! We have happy friends and customers. Thanks so much for raising these guys so well. See you next year.
— Bruce
Wow! I served a green salad at the restaurant last night—with a Stowell Farm poached duck egg as the finishing touch. Sold out with rave reviews. The offals made an amazing pate.
— C.A.
Your lamb ... was terrific. I love seeing your flock when I drive by.
— Julia Purinton