Windy Cold—and Productive

Today's continual dropping temps have left me chilled. Brutal winds. Took Pru along the Common Road, but after finding the wandering raccoon with Peter (and calling Gib for help), I'd frozen to the bone, so took a quick turnaround and headed back to the house. Did the barn chores in the early AM (the new dorpers and doing well here—everyone is adjusting happily), brewed up some coffee and whipped up a batch of biscuits (truly! use Butterworks Farm Granary's Homegrown Organic Grains—they are THE BEST!, boiled up some eggs (we have a ton after the relative heatwave), and dove into sheep records, accounting and my regular (hopefully paid) work (web site, annual report, package design). Went to the local store and had two meetings. At 9pm, we've not yet had dinner—but will soon. We'll have Eggs Benedict! with fresh duck eggs, our leftover Irish Soda Bread and some arugula. 

In a small space today, I read a bit more of Jo Robinson's Pasture Perfect. As a writer, she was recommended to me (as someone with credible knowledge) by a local farmer. She's to the point—and correct. This book is about the beauty and benefit of grass fed animals—for the earth, for the animals...for us. You'll hear more from me about this. I'm pretty passionate. Hence our grass fed farm. We, here on the Stowell Farm, are grass farmers. 

Last night's beef stew (thanks to an exchange with the Robinsons) with root-cellar veggies and farm peas served in a bowl thrown by Polly