Nettles!—Last chance for the most nutritious harvest


Nettles are one of my most favorite herbs—ever. Super nourishing, wholesome, empowering and ... just ... WOW ... full of good. They grow wild here—all over the place. Not easy to harvest as they are prickly—but scoop up a pair of rose pruning gloves (with the long "sleeves") and it's easy and super worth while. I have clipped and harvested for the past two months. They are now going to seed—and some herbalists advise, at this point, to be careful for kidney health. I clip away any seed pods at this late harvest. Just clip the leaves, steam as you would any leafy green—and enjoy! Also, keep the lush, deep, green juice (left after the steam) for a power potion. Google "nettle nutrition" and you'll be inspired. I bow to the nettles! p.s., my trick to steaming the yummiest is to add liquid aminos (Braggs).