More Canning and Preserving


I have never had great luck with growing cucumbers, but this year have had a bounty crop—so...pickles! I usually make zucchini (sweet butter) pickles because—well—we all have a ton of zucchini, but this year I was happy to make the real deal (note: I'll still make the sweet butter zucchini "pickles" because they are super delicious). Both recipes come from Canning for a New Generation by Lianna Krissoff. I did the "quickie" pickles, but if you go by her favored recipe, you'll get a nice, crisp and crunchy pickle. I highly recommend her book—and every recipe I've made has been a success. Her ketchup is the super best. p.s., this year, I learned why pickling cuc's are really the best for pickling.