4-Minute Farmer

Tonight I was expressing to a friend that I need to develop a better of self-care routine. Situation: Really, this homesteading mini-farmer only gives about 4 minutes to a shower: that's it! Certainly not a rewarding or empowering ritual. But sadly, my skin suffers—and so do I ... in some soft and quiet way. I have this lovely and expensive cream I'd love to involve myself with...but hesitate as it's just "SOOOO lovely"—so I opt out and settle for the frumpy farm garb and dry winter skin. Solution: No more! Thanks to Patty (Green Closet and Bridge Street Trading and so much more), I broke out my BeautyCounter cream (saved for two years!!!) and feel like a nourished superstar. Thank you! Advice: Take care. Be smart. Spoil yourself a bit. xo!!