Perpetual Summer Flowers

This summer, the wildflowers, perennials and annual blooms have been fantastic. Charlie Nardozzi mentioned that though we are a bit sad about our peppers right now, we can rejoice in the fact that the weather has supported the most amazing flower production. It's true! My beds are bright and full. The blossoms bigger and bolder than ever. The bees? Well, this is the season they needed (and we need more—support those bees!...plant with them in mind). Below, the "pick" is fading, but still lovely. Echinacea, Wild Mustard, Shasta Daisy, Rudebeckia, Phlox, Yarrow, Marshmallow, Angelica, Calendula, Milk Thistle, Elecampane and Bee Balm were in this arrangement. Perennials and medicinals.