Accolades for Yummy Lamb


This week, I've been making calls to everyone who purchased lamb from us last year (thank you to you all!). I was so excited to receive awesome feedback: "the lamb was terrific, delicious, best I've ever had..." etc... Thank you all for letting us know. It means so much. As you all know, we spend a great deal of time, care and effort keeping these guys well fed, well cared for, and loved. 

One of my nice mails came from Nancy Baron who said: "The lamb is great! I would love to get another whole lamb." Nancy is the Program manager for the Vermont Farm Fund ( The Fund provides no-hassle, friendly-term loans to Vermont farmers and food producers (I should get in touch!). Thanks for the kind words, Nancy, and thanks for all of your great efforts at the Vermont Farm Fund.


For other nice notes, check out our testimonials at New updates today. 

Last year’s lamb was the best I ever had! Looking forward to another. Thank you very much!”

Photo of Pete courtesy Jordan Silverman