NOFA VT Winter Conference Workshop—Expanding Your Brand 101


I had the enormous pleasure of presenting at this year's NOFA conference in and around the Davis Center at the University of Vermont this year. Lara Dickson of Deep Dish Creative and I (Serena Fox Design Company) offered a workshop (Expanding Your Brand 101) which focused on the critical value of marketing and design in business profitability and success. You can read the blurb at This year's "conference theme, Growing the Good Food Movement, is intended to continue and build on the important conversations that are taking place – locally, nationally, and worldwide – about farm and food equity, building a fair and just food system where everyone has access to healthy food, and where the farmers and farm workers who grow that food receive respect and a living wage." We thoroughly enjoyed the session—and everyone who attended. Thanks to all for the great great energy, interest and questions. Thanks to NOFA for making such an amazing event happen. I'm a HUGE fan!