Simple Immune Boost: Miso, Ginger, Astragalus, Garlic, Calendula +

After the holidays (and often during), I sometimes feel a bit run down: I've over done it, seen too many great people, or just plain snagged some kind of a small cold. I'm grateful, of course, but needing a boost—and feeling the desire to "hit the reset button." So, first, I make an immune-boosting miso soup that I leave on the stove (smells great, looks good and encourages me to taste). White, brown or red miso is great (mild to strong respectively). I place some spring water (literally) in a pan, heat and add the miso along with the chopped ginger and garlic. I add some shredded astragalus root and calendula (sort of just because I love the added color). Don't boil this as you'll spoil the medicinal qualities: a simmer is good. Later, I might add kale, parsley...something yummy and green. Second, I get a lot of sleep and then "shock my system" a bit by getting too little sleep for a night. This idea came from Guido and works well to help me feel fresh, alert and alive. Enjoy!