Rose Tincture...and more

Yesterday, I "set to tincture" rose petals, linden, chamomile, oatstraw, mugwort, tulsi—all some of my most favorite herbs. This means that I took dried herbs (from my garden, Mountain Rose Herbs or Zach Woods), placed in a ball jar, covered with a mixture of grain alcohol and spring water, shook up for a bit and stored away in "the dark" for a month. I will shake them every day for a week—and then let them settle. Afterward, I strain through cheesecloth and bottle in amber. 

Rose is a great herb for me—uplifting and calming. Linden too. In thinking of it, these are all herbs for balance, calm and good spirit. 

For tea drinkers, lovely tea combinations can be made from these (and other) herbs. I suggest adding lemongrass or calendula.