January 8—Chilly!

This past Wednesday, I was blessed by the company of many wonderful women sharing time and food. It was lovely. Thank you all for traveling out in the super cold. Later in the night, it got to be -34 with windchill—bitter as we tarped and warmed the tracker and dealt with hassles brought on by black ice and such. By 6:30 the next morning two lambs were born. It was -20—rough for the animals. One didn't make it, but the other did. Her name is "Chilly" and she lives in the house. We bring her to her mom every 1-3 hours for feeding. We're a bit ragged, but she's healthy and well. We'll lamb for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully these will be born during daylight and on warmer days. Next year, we'll return to lambing in April or May.