Prepping the Greenhouse, Tulips and Harvesting Greens

We finally wrapped the greenhouse Seth built—was windy, but it's done. Will move plants next week—tomatoes, peppers, fennel, basil, parsnips, soybeans, and so much more. The tulips popped out yesterday. Suddenly yellow and bright. Tonight, I harvested more burdock and a bunch of dandelion greens. Simple salad?—harvest and wash dandelion greens. Pat dry and chop up a bit. Toss with some olive oil, maple syrup and lemon juice. Add a sprinkle of salt. Otherwise?—Add a bit of olive oil to a saucepan with a bit of garlic, toss in the greens and top with a touch of salt. Sautee briefly.'s so incredible what grows around us in the early spring. Season of it's own bounty!