What's to do with Sprouted Red Onions?

One of my most favorite things to do is to scavenge around when supplies in the kitchen are low (wish I could say I had a pantry) and come up with something yummy and fun. So i had a pie crust (wish I could say I made it from scratch with my favorite Butterworks Farm Flour, but I did not), a little cheese, a handful of cracked eggs (can't sell those ones), a few red onions which had sprouted (from the Essex Farm bounty collected two weeks ago—had to be used up), some souring milk from the Von Trapp farm and some left-over jalapeño peppers from last week's homemade nachos (with homemade sour cream—awesome!). I chopped the red onions and tossed in a pan with a lug of olive oil. Finely chopped the greens and added them after a bit. Sprinkled with Jane's Crazy Mixed Up and left going for a while over pretty high heat. In the meantime, I finely sliced some cheddar cheese and layered the bottom of my pie crust. Whipped together 2 duck eggs with 3 chicken and a little sour milk. Layered the onions over the cheese in the pie tin, added the eggs and decorated the top with sliced jalapeño. Baked at 350 for 30 mins. Super good! Success! Tonight is homemade pizza because I have half a leftover crust from the Red Hen bakery. Will heat on high after sprinkling with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, some steamed kale and tomatoes from my 2012 garden. Maybe a touch of garlic and basil, right?