2 • 7 • 2104 | Recalling Some Drawing


Life is an art. Art is work. All is work.

Hopefully, we enjoy our "work." Mine is mixed: most days filled with a variety of what was on that day's "have to," "want to," or "think-I-have-to." Although most every day begins with the barn (and a fresh pot of coffee/tea), the rest is always changing: maybe work deadlines (some fun and fabulous package-design challenge?), seeking out a new breed of livestock, studying a new medicinal herb, learning a new technology, feng-shuing my situation, etc... Maybe it's time to clean out the coop, check overall sheep health or search, honor and destroy burdock (coming soon!).

This drawing fell from one of those phases in which I worked with pencils and pastels—making small gift-like cards or bookmarks. There was a whole series—mostly flowers and geographic patterns. This one was a simple...coffee or tea cup with retro collected stamp.

At another time, I may blow into a guitar pattern—in which every day's end is a tune or two...coupled with a huge appreciation of my guitars and what beautiful sounds they can make with a simple pluck or two. Guitar, art, writing, books, garden, animals, herbs, cooking, yoga, design, hikes, friends and family. There is too little time for all I love to, want to and have to do.

But, thinking that way gets you nowhere. Time is ours until there is none left.