2 • 18 • 14 | Cooking and Tincturing

Today was a long and beautiful day. I woke early—it was cold and the wind was harsh. Even the ducks took a second look before wandering down to their mini winter pond. We still got a bunch of eggs though—the ducks are hearty that way. A few chicken eggs too. 

I came in, got into stuff—and was eager to do a ton. Started with figuring out some recipes with Yvette Van Boven—who's simple and quick bread recipe (with flour, water, yeast, salt and a 1/2 cup of beer) is simple and yummy. I added a little cornmeal. 


I'd bought some pasta and cheeses yesterday—and knew I have a full day—so grabbed an old copy of The New Basics Cookbook and whipped up some fresh mac and cheese (with fresh Von Trapp milk) and added a little leftover ham and peas. I left one side of the pan veggie only. Wished I'd had smoked paprika, but settle for flavoring with salt, pepper and simple paprika.


A quick read through Rosemary Gladstar's first book, Herbal Recipes, resolved a few questions—and got me into unpacking amber bottles order from Mountain Rose Herbs for tincturing, and I spent a good hour+ in our home apothecary. We've got a good stash. More burdock, gentian, wormwood and angelica on the way.


New blends on the way. Happily, also worked in the studio—and finished a CD cover, worked on two web sites, tweaked a packaging project, spent a couple of hours with a client and submitted a "No Love Logo" to Summit Awards for review.