Support and Alignment


Work in a casual manner of exchange and discussion. Working with deep listening and principles of Integrated Family Systems (IFS) and Sydney Banks, clients work toward finding their own sense of power and direction. We witness the idea of “thought”—and the power to shape experience—and build our own “tool box” of resources. Ultimately, there is nothing to fix—just lots to know. Other modalities are introduced based on your resonance. One-on-one, couples and families welcome. 

Meetings are scheduled daily (including weekends) 10:00am–6:30pm. Please call to confirm or request openings. 802.793.6006


Herbal Education:
Graduate of Mandala Botanicals (Local Healers Program). Introduction to Herbal Health and Biodynamics. Sandra Loray, Herbalist.
September, 2014
Graduate of Urban Moonshine School of Herbal Medicine. Continued Herbal Education with Guido Masé, Herbalist. December, 2015
Graduate of Community Herbalism. Sandra Loray, Herbalist. September, 2016

Therapeutic Education:
Three Principles (Approach to Health Realization)
Extended Professional Training Program.
Dr. Jack Pransky. Theory of Dr. Sydney Banks.     
Certificate, November, 2014 and March, 2016
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Dr. Richard Schwartz.     
3 CE Certificate, November, 2015
State of Vermont (Board of Allied Health Practitioners)
Non-licensed and Non-Certified Psychotherapist.    Holistic Tarot Practitioner
Member, Tarosophy Tarot Association
Member, American Tarot Association (ATA)

Learn, share, heal, thrive…Enjoy!”


Foraging, Herb & Healing Programs

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

From May until September, we offer day-long classes which provide an introduction to health and homesteading on the farm—with an emphasis on using old-thyme philosophies and activities as resources for “modern”person. We introduce and discuss various healing modalities, methods and ideas that will positively contribute to your life. Not all is for everybody, but one can discover a few gems along the way—and work, learn, and create relationship with others in the program.

It is all about relationship.”


Sunday programs from 10am - 3:00pm. 

A Day On The Farm
Morning: Share a cleansing tea blend. Discuss lymph health and the importance of vital energy and homeostasis (vs. stagnation and illness). Visit the barn, collect eggs, harvest and forage available greens. Prepare soup with greens, miso, garlic, ginger. Prepare salad greens with healthy dressings and seeds. Discuss bread making.
Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30
Afternoon: Plant seeds or weed. Plant identification walk. Learn about preserving methods and canning. Prepare bath salt and custom tea blends. Share book library and the book of days. Discuss various health and healing modalities.
Cost: $125/day

Mini Herbal & Garden Planning
Morning: Custom tea blends and introductions. Book of Days. Wheel of the Year. Discussion of herbal superheroes—spring cleanse and detox. Bitters and the digestive system. Restorative recipes.
Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30
Afternoon: Seed planting (herbs and vegetables) or garden visit and weeding. Discuss garden design, crops, companion planting and rotation. Turn the soil. Plant identification Walk.
Cost: $125/day

Healing: Greens & Herbs
Morning: Prepare a cleansing tea blend and a bitter tonic for a “tool kit”—or medicinal first aid kit. Discuss oxymels, aromatics, lymphatics, culinary herbs—and the importance of a healthy digestive system. Forage greens (harvest dandelion leaves, lambs quarter or chickweed and yellow dock). Prepare healthy dressings salads. 
Potluck lunch from 12:30 to 1:30
Dig roots. Discuss drying and keeping herbs. Discuss adaptogens, energetics of herbs, wild edibles. Plant and harvest from the garden. onions, leeks, peas and lettuce. Share books in the library and exchange thoughts and idea. 
Cost: $125/day

Mind & Body
Morning:  We'll discuss self-centering, the nervous system, stress relief and body and spirit care. Healing with water, essences and essential oils, teas and tinctures (qualities of certain herbs including Milky Oats, Tulsi). We experience the stress-relieving effects of fresh air, weeding and walking.
Lunch from 12:30 to 1:30
Prepare herb/salt bath blends, oils and wraps. Discussion of skin-care and body preparations with calendula, lavender and rose. Harvest clover, rose. Herb drying and packing.
Cost: $125/day

Products: Herb Blends, Bitters & Bath Salts


The Apothecary stocks herbal tinctures and custom blends for health, healing and well being. Our standard available blends include an acute immune formula; angelica bitters; a women’s transition blend; a joy, sleep and depression blend. We also carry aromatic epsom salt bath blends: rose, lemongrass and lavender and a body blend of eucalyptus, sage and tea tree oil.



Boost: My Boost is an acute immune formula based upon Urban Moonshine™’s successful formula, Immune Zoom. It is the remedy to take when you’re “getting under the weather” and feeling “under the tow.” Testimonials avialable, but this is by far my most requested formula. $10/.5oz, $18/1oz, $29/2oz

Bitters: Our blend of bitters improves digestion—which necessarily improves overall health. Good digestion provides the most basic building block toward a return to (and/or preservation of) good health and well being. People DO better when they FEEL better. Bitters should be taken daily—especially over holiday times when carbs and sugar my clog up our normal digestive situation. $10/.5oz, $18/1oz, $29/2oz

Field of Flowers: This is our “uplifting” blend of Motherwort, Mugwort, Linden, Rose and Lemongrass. A calming and spirited blend for those who just want a bit more light and calm. $10/.5oz, $18/1oz, $29/2oz

All blends are available in .5-, 1- and 2-oz dropper bottles. Custom blends and single extracts are made to order and vary in cost.

Custom blends can help with sleeplessness, listlessness, anxiety, depression, distraction, lack of focus, low libido, candida, inflammation or poor circulation (for example).


Rose: Soothing and aromatic. Epson salts, dried rose petals, rose essential oil. $10/4oz, $20/8oz
L & L: Soothing, uplifting and aromatic. Epsom salts, dried lemongrass, dried lavender, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil.  $10/4oz, $20/8oz
Body: Great after a big physical day. Epsom salts, dried sage, eucalyptus essential oil, tea tree oil and a touch of dried calendula (for color and skin care).  $10/4oz, $20/8oz

We are proud to be members of the American Botanical Council