Chamomile Harvest


Chamomile is soothing, lovely: calming. It's been in bloom for the past week—not taken down by the consistent rains. In fact, all of the herbs have prospered: warriors they are. Truly warriors. They are so strong and resilient—surviving or thriving drought or dampness. Chamomile is helpful in easing anxiety and depression, allergies, insomnia, skin issues and ulcers. It is also helpful for those suffering from PMS. More information is here: A subtle tea does wonders—and blended with mint, motherwort and a special, joyful treat. 

Rodiola rosea


I harvested some of this beautiful lady today. The leaves and shoots are eaten raw, having a bitter flavor, or cooked like spinach, and are sometimes added to salads. In history, this plant (root as well) has been used to help elevate body temperature (helpful for those who suffer from Raynaud's Phenomenon) and stress. It is also a masterful energizer—giving a noticeable lift to sluggishness. It's also good herbal additive for those suffering from depression. A note, however: Rhodiola rosea can be drying—so, for those looking for an energy boost by having a personal "dry quality," Gotu Kola may be a better solution. Enjoy it's arrival to the garden!

Third Quarter Moon — Fragile Morning

Third Quarter Moon: in another season, but you get it. :) 

Third Quarter Moon: in another season, but you get it. :) 

Wow! What an odd morning. I woke happy and content—dogs all around...and the big, bright sunlight streaming through the eastern windows. Coffee, biscuit and to the barn. Seth slept outside in his tent—preparing for a bear hunt come April. When I rounded the corner, I smelled fumes—and as my mind went to terrible places, I panicked, thinking that something had gone wrong...and he was...gone. I have experienced death in my life: this brought up so much stuff—and I huddled into a paralyzed place of numbness. I walked about six miles. Miles and miles. As the moon shifts into Capricorn, tasks and to-do lists come to the rescue, but our truth is never left behind. Losing things you love deeply is something that is hard to bare. I don't visit this place often. Wow. Breathe. He's just working in the barn. Right there. Lambs. New life.